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Monthly Archives: February 2015


More and more businesses globally are realising the severity of having disengaged staff in their workforces, especially the impact to a company’s bottom line.

Quite often staff retention and engagement are left to HR  to deal with, something which they are not usually specialised in. Their area of expertise may lie more in advising managers on the appropriate policies and applicable laws as well as resolving issues that arise between management and employees. Continue reading

Rob’s Top Tips to Improve the Human Experience at Work

I’m often asked the best way to keep employees and keep them happy. As well as “How do you keep your teams so fired up?” I usually reply by first of all asking, “Why are your employees unhappy?” Followed by, “Do you know why people are leaving your business and why they’re so disengaged?”

Until you know what the problems in your organisation are no one can give you the answer or work on a solution. If you throw money at it, by increasing commissions, salary or bonuses and nothing changes you have a new problem, which is now more costly than before. Continue reading