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About me
I started amateur boxing at the age of 12 and from my love of boxing, and sport in general, I quickly became fascinated with the mind-set of elite sportsmen and women. In particular, what separated those at the top from the rest. What I realised was, it wasn’t their skill set but their mind-set. This peaked my interest in personal development and through this I learnt that the most successful business people didn’t necessarily have more skill or knowledge either but again it was down to mind-set.

Having studied the mind-sets of top performers in sport and business, I’ve successfully applied this to my own life and used it to coach and develop others as well. Throughout my career,  the biggest kick I got out of leading teams and sports people, was helping individuals and teams to develop and grow. All of this set me on the path to becoming a performance specialist and coach.

My work involves helping individuals and businesses attain their goals by showing them how to adopt the principles I’ve learnt. I get immense satisfaction from helping people and I’m still amazed at what can be achieved when trust is built and people feel safe and are committed to change.  I love what I do and my mission is to connect with one million people to help them improve their lives.

As a coach, I can show you how your mind and brain work, by explaining the theory in simple terms, so you can use them to perform at your absolute best in your personal, professional and sporting life.

Robert Lattibeaudiere


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